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Eugene Barringer Tree Service started operations in 2016, and have over 15 years professional experience in the industry. Combined with a focus on exemplary customer service and complete satisfaction, we operate on punctuality and reliability; some principles that are often lacking in this business.

There is far more to tree services than simply firing up the chainsaw and lopping some branches off. If you don’t know what you are doing when bringing down a tree, it could fall anywhere: on a house, power lines, onto a car, or worse, onto a person. Tree removal is a serious business and should only be undertaken by professionals with the expertize and the industry experience to prove it.

Professional Tree Services

Eugene Barringer Tree Service offers a high quality and professional tree service that covers the following:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Emergency Tree Work
  • Emergency Storm Work

Our experienced team will get the job done quickly and efficiently and for very competitive prices. We are your local commercial and residential tree service company that is fully covered by general liability insurance.

Our core business principles are simple: Do the job right, ensure complete customer satisfaction, and do it all for a good price.
Another important point that sets us apart from the competition is our ability to be able to communicate with our clients in both English or Spanish. This ensures effective communication and quality customer service for all residents in Orange County, Ulster County, Sullivan County, Greene County, and Dutchess County. Now that’s a big plus.

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Tree Removal

Out of all the tree services we perform, tree removal can be one of the trickiest. That’s why it’s always wise to call in the professionals at Eugene Barringer Tree Service. Effective tree removal is our specialty.

Sometimes trees just need to be completely removed if they are hazardous to your home or growing too close to power lines. At other times a tree may need to be removed so construction can take place. Or, the tree may be diseased and in danger of toppling over onto your house. Our team will carefully and expertly remove the tree, leaving only the harmless stump. Please take note that we don’t perform stump grinding or offer a stump removal service.

However, we do specialize in emergency tree removal where a tree presents a danger, and the removal of trees brought down in a storm.

Tree Trimming

Both tree trimming and tree and shrub pruning are important for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Removing branches too close to the house
  • Removing branches too close to overhead power lines
  • Removal of dead or diseased tree limbs
  • Promote the growth and health of the tree
  • Encourage growth in a certain pattern or direction
  • Aesthetic appeal

Estimates Are Free!

Call us today for a no obligation free estimate for the tree services you require. Your complete satisfaction is our job and we offer some of the best prices in the business.

Our service areas include: Orange County, Ulster County, Sullivan County, Greene County, Dutchess County

Call now: (845) 706-7789